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Olivia Wilde Magically Hot on the 'Wonderstone' Red Carpet

While I'm trying to pull back on my fashion-magazine like fascination with red carpets and decked out hotties, it's hard when the sweet likes of Olivia Wilde show up in their showy frocks to dazzle the paparazzi at movie premieres.

Especially since Olivia announced last year during her engagement to lucky bastard Jason Sudeikis that she was a big fan of 'marathon sex' (and, no, that does not mean having sex while running a marathon), we've become even bigger fans of Olivia hotness, including tracking her down on the crimson pathway at the Hollywood premiere of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, a film that has us a little uneasy on realization, but since it contains Olivia Wilde, we will definitely be going to check it out. Mostly just Olivia, and what fun we would have on Mile 21. Enjoy.

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