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Odette Yustman Bikini Candids from the Set of Her New Show

Oh, little chance I'll be watching the show Westside when and if it appears, but there is a 100% chance I'll be carefully leering at on the set shots of Odette Yustman, who at some point we'll start calling Odette Annable (her married name), but for now just want to gave upon her fine bikini form. And quite a form it is, writhing and wiggling on the beach in a heated makeout scene with some lucky bastard actor.

Someday, I hope that Odette will take my last name and complete my circle of lust. Or, not take my last name but still allow me to cover her entire body in an organic clover honey from Whole Foods (just $187 a bottle) and let us be married in the ancient pagan rituals of our ancestors and the licking of the honey ceremony. Either way works for me. Damn, just look at that bikini body. Enjoy.

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