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Nina Agdal Lingerie Pictures Rain Down Danish Hotness

I'm not going to mince words. Hell, I can barely spell most words. Nina Agdal is one of the hottest looking women on this planet. If I could, I'd build an ark, find a way to make it rain for 40 days (not to mention 40 nights) and sail away with just Nina Agdal spending the next 20 years repopulating the postdiluvian landscape with the product of our cabin fever. Yeah, it's like that.

Featured in the latest and greatest for Aerie lingerie, Nina Agdal looks like a million bucks. Which is probably close to what it costs you now to get her to slip into something more comfortable and silky and allow you to take happy time photos of her. But, on the ark, it'll all be part of the cruise package. Let it rain! Enjoy.

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