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Nicki Minaj Flashes Her Goods for Elle

All the girls gossip sites are abuzz today with the shocking news that Nicki Minaj missed the opening of American Idol last night because she was stuck in her car in traffic. I'd comment, if I weren't late for work 78% of days. (But I am smart enough to sneak in the back door and pretend like I've been there for an hour when I pass somebody important). As for us, we'd rather comment on Nicki's cleavage in Elle magazine this month. Lust her or dislike her, or just plain want her to stop talking so you can dislike her less and lust her more, Nicki has the curves going on. And she's not afraid to show them.

Accentuate the positive, Julie Andrews taught me on endless loop in the Skinner box I was raised in as a child of a vastly overreaching social experiment. And Nicki must have heard the same. Which is why her asstastic and funbags are never not on public display. Enjoy.

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