Myleene Klass Lingerie Pictures Turn Up the Former Pop Star Heat

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I must admit, I was never a fan of Myleene Klass the Britty pop music singer. But I am a huge fan of Myleene Klass the model and all-around hottie, in this case, posing for Littlewood Lingerie, flashing her sultry good looks and a body I'd like to wrap in lingerie, unwrap, then re-wrap her again before her husband comes home and finds her smelling of Egotastic! I mean, one can dare to dream.

There are any number of pop stars we prefer to see rather than hear (Selena, Miley, Cheryl, Rihanna, etc. etc). Add Myleene Klass to that list. Supremely hot when quiet and silken-covered. Enjoy.

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