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My Kinda Booze: Hoptimus Prime Seasonal Beer

Now is the time to live and drink booze and be merry. The Hoptimus Prime seasonal beer is a brew that you can enjoy for all seasons. Don't let its name fool you, though, because it has nothing to do with Optimus Prime or the autobots. It does make for a catchy, pun-ny name, but the semblance ends there because there's nothing robotic about the Hoptimus Prime at all.

Brewed using only British hops and barley malts this beer exhibits a rich array of malt and traditional fruity hop flavours, complemented by a crisp dry finish. The unique flavour of Hoptimus Prime transforms as each individual ingredient combines to satisfy all of your hoppy needs.

Sounds like something I'd want to chug all night. But then again, I love booze however way they make it.

Check It Out: Robinson's Brewery

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