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Miranda Kerr Stretches for Reebok Hotness

While foppish husband Orlando is away in Turkey receiving accolades for whatever it is he does these days, I must admit to having some thoughts about heading over to the home of Miranda Kerrand pretending I'm the new manny, there to take care of the baby. Of course, taking care of that baby is going to require me to spend many many hours perusing Miranda's area of the home, her boudoir and changing areas, perhaps catching peeks and sneaks of one of the world's hottest women. I'd likely be arrested. But I'd be smiling in the cuffs.

I suppose any easier way to express my unbridled passions for Miranda is to gaze upon her flexible form in these Reebok ads, where the Australian model shows exactly how she would be standing in pose most of her waking hours if I had anything to say about it. So hot. I want that manny job! Enjoy.

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