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Kimberley Garner Reveals Her Cleave and Midriff and the Secret to Being a Worthwhile Reality Star

Ambitious young blonde Kimberley Garner exposed a good bit of her front side at some London Fashion week related brand pimping event and shocked a few of the more pearl-clutching Britty types in the area, but we just stopped and politely stared and reminded ourselves that at its very best, reality television is a fertile breeding ground for shameless young women who will do and show anything to become famous. And thank god for that.

Kimberley Garner is featured on the show Made in Chelsea, another one of these craptastic productions that kind of sort of pretends that it's real before everybody obviously finds out its all staged and then producers come up with terms like 'hybrid' reality to explain away all the scripting. But, honestly, who cares? The people who watch these shows don't care. It's like teen boys and professional wrestling. They're just in it for the spectacle. And we're just into Kimberley Garner for her body. So I suppose there is no high moral ground in this situation. If there were, we'd be sitting atop it with our binoculars trying to peek her knickers. Enjoy.

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