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Kelly Bensimon Bikini Pictures A Hot Ogle from a Distant Balcony

We really do loathe the entire Real Housewives of Insert City series that combine plastic surgery riddled, emotionally unstable, drunk mothers with, well, mostly just with booze. Watching a Botoxed mom fall to pieces isn't all that entertaining. It's mostly just kind of sad. Unless of course she's hot, which truly is the primary criticism of Bravo. Make them hot and we'll watch them drink themselves down the drain I suppose.

Which leads us to former N.Y. Real Housewife, Kelly Bensimon, who tries hard to pull off the Elle Macpherson surfer bikini mom in her mid-40's thing, and does so to some degree, though we'd not be honest if we say Kelly looks far better in yonder window than perhaps up close by the pool where some odd looking lines and patterns appear on her bare torso.

Still, within the world of the Real Housewives, Kelly is an eight or nine. And there isn't any ten. Enjoy.

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