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Kate Beckinsale, Won't You Be My Hot Mommy?

God, I've missed Kate Beckinsale.

One of the world's hottest moms disappears far too often these days. So much so that we're swimming in a puddle of our own love muck just from the chance to see Kate out in public in her sweats walking the family to a local party.

Oh, man, to spend just five minutes with my hand on that tush of hers... but, I digress. Or, maybe not, since my main point is that we spend all day imagining making Kate Beckinsale feel extra relaxed by rubbing hot lava rocks up and down her bare body. Only, those aren't lava rocks. Kate, you do this naughty talk to us, don't you know? If she removed those sunglasses, we'd get heated, if she dropped those sweats, we'd collapse, and if she did both, we'd probably die on the spot. But with a big grin on our face. Enjoy.

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