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Jessica Alba Muy Caliente in Latina Magazine

Oddly enough, it wasn't but a few years ago Jessica Albawas distancing herself from her grandfather's Mexican heritage. I don't remember all the specifics, but it got tons of people up in arms over her comments about not feeling at all connected or wanting to be labeled to Latinas. Well, how the worm turns. Maybe it was having kids and reconnect with her roots or maybe it was just wanting the chance to look super hot in a Hispanic focused magazine, either way, Jessica Alba turns up the heat in the April edition of Latina magazine. Classy, but super sextastic, as she is ought to be.

I can sort of relate to Jessica's ancestry plight. There was a time I did not want to share with people that my grandfather was a horny polar bear who made his way into Juneau, Alaska one breeding evening and made babies with my grandma who happened to be a bit of an ursophile. But there comes a time that we all must take pride in where we come from. And if we can do that while looking all kinds of supremely hot on the cover of a magazine, all the better. Good on you, Jessica. Enjoy.

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