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Get Out Your Silly Putty to Make an Imprint of Your Favorite Comics in the 'Stripped' Trailer (VIDEO)

Everyone knows that newspapers are a dying form of communication at the moment and have been for years. But interestingly enough, I've never thought about the impact of this on one particular element: The Comic Strips. Those funny (except for Prince Valiant and Family Circus, blech) little syndicated funnies at the back end of the entertainment or media sections.

The trailer for the new documentary Stripped shows how the world of these comics is quickly crumbling. Are webcomics the wave of the future, or a penniless art form that will go nowhere?Webcomics has certainly created an outlet for independent artists, but like file sharing, takes money out of the mouths of 'professionals.' It's an interesting conversation that will probably become louder in the next few years as more papers and magazines shutter their doors. Which is why a look into this strange world of comic strips has me intrigued. Intrigued enough to dig up some old Beetle Bailey collections...That soldier just will not fall into line.

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