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Georgia Salpa Flashes Major Cleavage for New Magazine Party

We dig Georgia Salpa, ever since we first saw her major league fun bags. Of course, we like, appreciate, and honor the woman as a whole (I learned that phrase from my lone feminist friend), but, if I'm being totally honest as a man, yes, I am looking down there, Georgia.

The party balloons came out to play last night at the New Magazine 10th Anniversary Party in the the U.K., where Georgia's cleavetastic was the talk of the town, and the biggest takeaway from the party. Well, I imagine one dude might have gotten the privilege of actually motorboating those puppies later in the evening, but for the rest of us who had a choice between ogling Georgia's bazoongas and a New Magazine parting gift bag, well, choose the bazoongas.  Thank you Georgia for your wonderful gifts. Enjoy.

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