Fox Hunt (In Motion): Introducing ‘How to Date a Sexy Gamer Girl’ (VIDEO)

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You may have thought that the half-assed dating site with a limp scrotum that is date a gamer couldn’t get any more farcical. (Incidentally, the same applies to its equally preposterous sister site, shag a gamer, for those who want to hasten to the genitalia-tennis sessions without first going through the rigmarole of expensive meals in ostentatious Italian restaurants with candles on the table and suchlike. Meals? Shit to them.) What with its penchant for displaying dickish dudes being assaulted by two women brandishing Wii remotes on the homepage and all.

While these guys may need to get their shit together and determine just what the hell ‘gamer’ really means (spoiler: a couple of seconds of fleeting footage of you flailing an iPad around will not suffice. “Come on, I’m allegedly playing some kind of racing game! There’s a goddamn car on the screen! What do you bastards want, blood?”) there’s one thing we can all appreciate: sextastic ladies in their skimpies discussing their turn-ons.

“At the end of the day, a woman has needs… … … SEXUAL needs,” Jessica confirms above. It’s great to receive that clarification there, lest we all leave with the impression that women’s ‘needs’ consist of having a dude that’ll creepily film her sleeping and/or take her pet aardvark for walks to the park on overcast mornings. Still, peruse the quick clip above. With insight of this caliber, you can’t go wrong.