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Emily Ratajkowski Continues To Own Our Lust-Filled Hearts

Honestly, anything Emily Ratajkowski these days is going to get our blood boiling, our hearts racing, and our socks in need of washing. This busty brunette has simply waltzed in, slapped our libidos broadside, and demanded to be taken seriously in our fantastical dreams. And, we have complied.

In her photoshoot with Mark Rubenstein, the young actress turned hottie model wears way too many clothes for our liking, but there's no denying that even clad, Emily manages to exude a sextastic appeal that is more rare than common, even in this hottie-filled town. We like it. And while we can't endorse Emily wearing wardrobe for her shoots behind a party-hat and noise maker, we are at the point when we will pass up no opportunity to ogle her fineries. Enjoy.

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