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Draya Michele Almost Has Wardrobe Malfunction Just Like She's Almost a Basketball Wife

I still don't know exactly who Draya Michele is, other than a non-basketball wife who stars on VH-1's Basketball Wives, an alleged lady for fun time hire, and a woman who gets in tons of online social media battles. Oh, she is also pretty tight and hot. And when shopping in Beverly Hills, her top almost came off completely, which would've made us forget all about playing Encyclopedia Brown detective as to her origins, and just sit back and drool a bit. We're far better at the latter as it is.

Alas, full wardrobe malfunction was not to be and our peeks of Draya's peaks were momentarily thwarted. I say 'momentarily' because I doubt Draya has gotten all the attention in this world she needs. There's more coming. Count on it. Enjoy.

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