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Dork Knight: Batman Inserted Into Classic Movie Scenes (VIDEO)

Batman is probably DC's most popular superhero with his gruff voice and stark humility despite his overflowing riches. I mean, who doesn't like a millionaire who chooses to spend all his money fighting crime in a black cape and pointy mask?

He's a recluse though, and he's not the friendliest of guys especially when his mask is on.

But have you ever wondered what Batman would be like outside of his comfort zone? And by that, we mean when he's far away from Alfred or when he has to go and socialize with actual people who aren't  bad guys or cops? This might not be the most casual of socializations, but Bruce Wayne finds himself in the company of a whole host of other famous people in this hilarious clip.

Batman replaces Hermione Granger and that kid from Home Alone, among many others, as he's inserted into various classic movie scenes for your enetertainment. Enjoy!

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