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Dog The Bounty Hunter Finally Returns To TV In "Hawaii 5-0"

Quick, what's the greatest reality series of all time? That's right, it's Dog the Bounty Hunter. The adventures of the be-mulletted badass was famous for busting bad guys with his team of chromosomally challenged partners. Well, now he's back on the mediocre CBS remake of Hawaii 5-0. He will be playing himself along with his ridiculously fake breasted wife Beth. He's helping not-Jack Lord on a case. Sure, the guy is kind of a bigoted embarrassment to the human race and yes, perhaps his TV show eats your brain cells. But I bet Dog punches a lot of lowlifes in their mouthholes!

Watch a clip from the show above and tremble at the power of mullet. The show airs Monday at 10/9c.

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