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Dog Fires The First Shot Of The Great Pet Uprising (VIDEO)

Dogs can shoot guns now. Well, at least one dog. A police dog in Massachusetts, named Ivan, was sent to look for a gun that some bad guys threw into a snowbank. As he pawed for the thing he fired it with his a house. No one was hurt and the cops nabbed the criminals. Happy ending to a wacky story, right? But is it? As you know by now, I'm an expert on all things apocalyptic. I've been waiting for the day in which our pets rise against us. We keep them in virtual slavery and dress them in ugly Christmas sweaters. One day they will have enough...and maybe today is the day. If dogs and cats arm themselves can we as a species survive or will they make us the pets and crate train the human race? Perhaps one day future generations of puppies and kitties will see this as the opening volley in the great war against man. I know gun control is a controversial issue but I think we can all agree that dogs shouldn't pack heat.

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