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Classic Kirk Returns to Battle the Gorn to Hype 'Star Trek Into Darkness' (VIDEO)

The merchandising effort for Star Trek into Darkness is coming into full swing with the film's release just a little over a month away. And what's a franchise without a video game? And what's William Shatner without a way to sell out? So why not combine the two of them in order to form a more perfect union in hawking the new (and aptly titled) Star Trek: The Video Game? 

Considering the seething bitterness Shatner seems to have for Trek resurrector/director JJ Abrams, I'm actually surprised he agreed to recreate one of his most famous awful scenes for a video game that he's not even in. But then I remembered that he's soulless and clings to the franchise so tightly it's almost as if he had the Gorn's claws himself.

But, it's still fun to watch him play out the scene of Kirk vs. the Gorn. Maybe for the next commercial he can finally get the budget he wanted to fight the rock people at the end of Final Frontier.

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