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Celebrate the Release of Tomb Raider, Egotastic Style: Ogle the Top 5 Lustable Ladies Ever to Play Lara Croft

The freshly-released reboot of Tomb Raider is simply dubbed... Tomb Raider. They neglected to add our suggested subtitle, Tomb Raider: Wait, Come Back! It's Not A Triangular-Titted, Confusing Heap of Horsecrap Any Longer! This One's Pretty Damn Good! Indeed, as our prior coverage here, here and here deftly demonstrates, this is an essential entry in Lara lore.

It has always been made plain, too, that it's an origin story. Not in the Peter Parker taking a bite to the geeky foreskin from a pissed-off tarantula with rabies sense, just before she got her degree in Boobtacular Tiger Shooting and Acrobatics from the University of Badassery. We'll take a look at this new (/old) Lara in the next installment, but there are more pressing matters to attend to today.

Namely, norkery. As a salutation to the new release, we present our pick of the many mam-y models that have portrayed the venerable Ms Croft. Get to gallery perusal!

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