Behati Prinsloo New Victoria's Secret Shoot Reveals High Levels of Hotness

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I really do dig Behati Prinsloo. I like to think she digs me too. Though I doubt she's drooling while looking at pictures of me in little bits of silk and lace. Not that those don't exist somewhere in my shame closet. But, Behati, is just another amazing find by the good and money-earning folks at Victoria's Secret who continue to gobble up the world's hottest women for their modeling needs. Oh, how I'd like to gobble up the world's hottest women for my Adult Nursing Relationship needs. But I guess money plays some factor in getting to a 'yes'.

Oh, Behati, if you weren't so hot, we wouldn't lust so hard. But you are, and we do, and I thank you. Enjoy.

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