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Awesome Sh't for Your Toilet: Crap-tastic Fun Every Time You Take a Dump

Everybody sh'ts but only a select few have fun while doing it. For obvious reasons.

But there's really nothing wrong with wanting to have a little fun while you're taking a dump--it sounds freaky if you put it that way, but really, just because you want to do something freaky doesn't mean that you're a deviant freak. Making it easier are manufacturers behind contraptions like the toilet paper holder iPad stand, so you can play some 2Fuse while unhitching your load.

You'd be surprised at the sheer number of toilet-related gadgetry that's available on the market, to much fanfare. Practice your swing in between sinking submarines, or use this time to refine your hook shot if you're more of a baller. Groove to the beats from your MP3-playing toilet or check how heavy your sh't is by weighing yourself before and after you let the dogs loose with the weighing scale toilet seat.

The possibilities are endless, and all of them are fairly sh'tty. Take your pick.

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