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Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pictures Show Off the Product of Her Sextastic Work

As much as we'd all like to believe that MILFtastic skinny princess Alessandra Ambrosio simply likes to get into a tiny bikini and strut seductively about the beach ways of Southern California for goofs and giggles, it is her job. And when the work day is finished, and all the spray tan and oil and sandy pits are cleaned from her body by a man whose job I'd really really like to have, the team is left with some magnificent shots of Alessandra for the purposes of promoting bikini sales, and, damn, if they don't work just perfectly in that regard.

Check out the new set of Alessandra Ambrosio V.S. bikini catalog pics to see where all that hard preening and prancing effort has gone. Seems worthwhile to me. And to V.S., as I just dropped another $100 I don't have buying a quartet of new two-piece for my ever-filling closet of shame. Enjoy.

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