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A Lot of Steroids Went into the 'Pain & Gain' Red Band Trailer (VIDEO)

The last time I looked forward to a Michael Bay movie was back when that very first teaser trailer for Transformers came out a year ahead of the film's release. You know the one: A Transformer appears on in front of the recently landed Mars probe and smashes it. Pretty epic, right? Well then the movie came out. Then the next two came out. And you couldn't pay me to care about a Michael Bay movie. But now, he's got a new Red Band trailer for a film he made with Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie and Dwayne Johnson and I have to admit that I'm sorta, kinda, really down to see it.

Daniel Lugo is a regular bodybuilder who works at the Sun Gym along with his friend Adrian Doorbal. Sick of living the poor life Lugo concocts a plan to kidnap Victor Kershaw, a regular at the gym and a rich spoiled business man, and extort him by means of torture. With the help of recently released criminal Paul Doyle, the 'Sun Gym Gang' successfully gets Kershaw to sign over all his finances, but when Kershaw survives an attempted murder from the gang, he hires private investigator Ed Du Bois to catch the criminals after the Miami Police Department fails to do so. Based on a true story.

Also starring Ed Harris, Rebel Wilson and Tony Shalhoub, Pain & Gain opens April 26.

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