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A Gallery of Stupid: You Only Had One Job, Idiot--And You Still Couldn't Get It Right!

People can be so stupid sometimes. Case in point: the guys who were responsible for the "work" you now see in the gallery before you. They only had one job, one job, whether it was to put an ad up or install a traffic light, and they couldn't even do it right. As if the results of their work weren't a bad enough reflection on their work ethics and skill-lessness, their blunders are forever immortalized in digital media so that generation upon generation can laugh at them again and again.

And because it's so damn ridiculous, these epic fails have spawned the 'You Had One Job!' meme whose sole purpose is to ridicule the dimwits who don't deserve to have jobs at all. For more hilarity, check out this site that's dedicated to proliferating these cringe-worthy images. Enjoy!

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