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Why So Stupid? Kids Caught Smoking and Snorting Fun-Dip and Crushed Smarties

You only live once, but that doesn't mean you gotta go out and do stupid stuff, especially if there's nothing in it for you. That's what I'll tell those 31 or so kids caught smoking Fun-Dip poweder and snorting crushed-up Smarties at school by faculty members who, I imagine, were pretty mortified. I'd be pretty mortified, too, although for totally different reasons, one of them bring that there's no high to be gotten from powdered candy.

Come on, kids. Seriously?

According to FOX Carolina, the kids decided to get creative with their candy because they wanted to create "smoke." Hey, at least they didn't say they wanted to get high. Because they'd really be in trouble then (not to mention, infinitely stupid.)

As a result, the school has banned students from bringing in any candy that can be powdered. What a killjoy.

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