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Watch Dogs Barrels onto PlayStation 4 and Jacks Everything (VIDEO)

This is a game that gives answers like "sometimes you might have to jack a train." The question that goes with that answer is up to you.

We haven't seen Watch Dogs in awhile and as the game that blew minds worldwide back in the summer of 2013 when it debuted at E3, this Ubisoft franchise still has the power to drop jaws. As part of the PlayStation 2013 event revealing the PlayStation 4 (controller, that is), Watch Dogs is one of the leading candidates to have potentially stolen the show. We saw more real time gameplay and cool mobile phone hacking than ever before. The main character even jacks a speeding commuter train for his own purposes. With the exception of the scarf that he wears way too high on his face, this game is looking absolutely scintillating. Watch all of the videos and be amazed.

The one above is just gameplay with natural sound. The one below is the same video but with commentary from the developer so you can figure out what's going on.

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