Victoria Justice Legs Could Save the World, One Lucky Groper at a Time

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Not sure what's up with Victoria Justice of late, but the recently birthday'd 20-year old alluring starlet has been going all kinds of PG-rated showy, casting off her G-rated non-form fitting burqa type clothes and actually showing skin. Not as much as we would like, of course, but with a girl like Victoria, it's all about the anticipation I suppose (although, let's be honest, at some point, if the stripper doesn't take that top off, the sailors start to riot).

At last night's Lovegold event in Hollywood, Victoria flashed a healthy amount of bare leg in a form fitting little number that fit her form as we would with our hands and thoraxes if we had the opportunity, as in our dreams. Victoria reminded us once more that even though she's been a real disappointment in the exhibitionism department since turning eighteen, there's still so so so much potential behind that innocent front. Enjoy.

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