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UFO Hoaxes Need To Up Their Production Value

The Interwebs is all a twitter with a CGI video hoax of a UFO in the desert. A CGI effects dude, with the unpronounceable name of Aristomenis Tsirbas, created the YouTube video to show how easy a UFO video is to make in the age of photorealistic CGI. Even though he clearly states that it's not real, a lot of YouTube morons bought it or scolded him for making light of such a "serious" subject as UFO's. The video is pretty well done, especially when you learn that not only the ship but all of the video is CGI.

What this video made me think about was how much UFO hoaxes need to up their production value. You can't just take blurry footage of a frisbee anymore. It's just hard to believe that no clear footage of a UFO exists. Nowadays even the camera on your phone takes awesome pictures. If you want to make a convincing UFO video then you are going to need to go to school and get a degree in graphic design or motion graphics. Put some time and money into your desire to create BS videos of extraterrestrial life. That way you can get more crackpots and conspiracy theorists to believe you.

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