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Tomb Raider Goes Way Down in the Jungle Deep with New Walkthrough (VIDEO)

We haven't seen much beyond the early portions of Tomb Raider as the folks promoting the game have insisted on focusing all of your attention on the fact that Lara Croft is, in fact, a survivalist-explorer now and absolutely is NOT a sex symbol. So all we get to know right now is that she's marooned, separated from her fellow travelers and severely wounded through her abdomen. Throw all of that out because this 10 minute+ walkthrough from deeper in the game shows a much more badass Lara Croft who can actually do stuff with cool gear and refined skill.

I was impressed with her simply taking out multiple bad guys with a bow and arrow like it's some sort of Hawkeye video game (note to self: I would play the hell out of high intensity archery game starring Clint Barton) because it suggests a faster paced adventure once you see how enemies react to Lara Croft. Cool gear, cool skills and more action are just what we need to see at this point in Tomb Raider's run up to release.

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