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The 'Hitman' Reboot with Paul Walker and More Controversial Casting Decisions

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Fox has announced that they will reboot the Hitman franchise under the title of Agent 47 with Paul Walker replacing Timothy Olyphant as the title character. Not surprisingly, this news has caused some fans to scratch their head and wonder if their beloved video game character will ever get the respect he deserves.

The first film, while financially somewhat successful, was met with a lot of backlash from critics and fans, who felt that Olyphant was miscast as the soft-spoken, unemotional and lethal assassin. Which leads many to believe that Walker is just a bigger step in the wrong direction, based on his pretty-boy looks, surfer personality, and all-around lack of badassery. And they might be right.

Hollywood has a history of ill-fated casting calls, where everyone outside of the studio can see the disaster coming, but sometimes, they get it right and prove everyone wrong. Here are some of our favorite Controversial Casting Decisions:

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