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Star Trek Game Will Be Like Star Trek II Without the Popcorn or Darkness

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If you've been bouncing around Egotastic for any stretch of time, you've seen our focus on Star Trek Into Darkness and we admit our pointy Vulcan ears are starting to show. We can't help it. Clearly Namco Bandai has seen though ears pop up on many a Trekkie out there and so they're throwing a Star Trekgame out there to capitalize on the excitement. All I can say is "bring it on." We've had Star Trek video games over the years with the best ones usually showing up on the PC.  Some of the ship-to-ship strategy games were well done but once you've seen one Enterprise or Excelsior flying around on a black screen, you've seen them all.

This time it's going to be Spock and Kirk running around shooting and doing the Vulcan nerve pinch and Kirk's double-fisted chop to the back (we hope) for a more up close and personal touch. Check out these latest screens and our thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness.

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