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Splinter Cell: Blacklist Gets the Drop On All of Us in New Gameplay (VIDEO)

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is going to be a stealth action game first and foremost where the Ghost, Assault and Panther playstyles will have gamers sneaking around, attacking heading on and a nice balance of both, respectively. Layered on top of this experience is the mythology of Sam Fisher. At one time he was the one and only "Splinter Cell" agent, barely acknowledged by any American officials, but extremely effective in his role. In Blacklist, Fisher has evolved so that he's still a highly trained, efficient, lethal secret agent with access to the latest technology and weapons, but now he's the leader of the agency, Fourth Echelon. In Blacklist you're going to feel what it's like to be the agent and the one "running" the agent. You're the operative and the guy behind the desk.

In the gameplay clip, you'll see Sam in action doing what he does best; disposing of vile terrorists. How will you know Sam is in charge in these clips? Fisher is loaded down with multiple weapons and gear and he has the ability to seamlessly mark and then execute three targets in sequence. It wasn't like that before thanks to all the boneheaded bureaucracy getting in the way. Now that you and Sam are "The Man" (you know what I mean), there are no excuses and nowhere for terrorists to hide.

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