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Someone Thought It Would Be Funny to Hack a Local Newscast and Say the Zombies Were Attacking. Somebody Was Right

The population of Montana is like, what, ten? Fifteen people, tops? So while the fear of a zombie outbreak in that state isn't anything to worry about in any of the other 49, for those living in the state, they got a dose of Walking Dead reality when someone hacked into the emergency alert system (you know, that annoying tone and scrawl that's supposed to tell you about a storm but usually just says its a test) and told the fans of local KRTV newscast that the dead had begun riding from the grave and attacking the living.

Scary yes, especially to the four people who actually called police to see if this was a hoax or actually true, but certainly more exciting than anything else that's ever been shown on the KRTV nightly newscast before or after.

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