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Smuggler's Belt for Extra Covert Storage Around Your Waist

Need to smuggle something thin, small, or foldable without looking like you're trying too hard? Then you need the Barrett Alley Smuggler's Belt. It looks as belt-y as you can expect belts to be, except that it's got a sleek and hidden zipped-up compartment on the flip side for all your smuggling requirements.

Given the narrow nature of the belt, obviously there's no way you can cram a Swiss Knife into this thing, but it's great for cash, flash drives, precious jewels, and whatever illicit substances that you wouldn't want to be found carrying out in the open. And, you know, it also happens to be a great place to stash a spare package or two of rubber. Not that you'd need to smuggle it, but at least you can be a perpetual boy scout with this ring around (and off) of your waist.

  • 10 oz (4 mm) US vegetable tanned cowhide
  • 1.25" (3 cm) wide
  • 100% hand cut and hand sewn in Texas
  • Individually hand forged iron buckle
  • Signed and numbered

Get It: $245

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