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Selena Gomez Bikini Pictures Promote Spring Breakers, As If Spring Breakers Needed More Promotion

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I honestly can't think of a modestly budgeted film that has received more online promotion than Spring Breakers, and really mostly just by slowly leaking out more and more hot bikini pictures of its four co-starlets, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rachel Korine. It's really kind of genius. I don't know anybody who hasn't heard of Spring Breakers, let alone isn't dying to see it, without the filmmakers having to spend one dollar of advertising. Such is the power of the sextastic.

Our belusted young Latina diva Selena Gomez heads up the latest and greatest rounds of promo images for the film; the fine young thing in her little blue bikini, and some shots with her cast-mates that have me once again how I will live to see the opening of this movie. Sure, it may not be a great movie, and, sure, these girls do not get nekkid, but, you've gone to see films on flimsier reasons for excitement before. Spring Breakers bikini hotness is not the least bit flimsy. Enjoy.

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