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Say Hello to Egotastic's New Pop Culture Game Show with 'Stump My Nerd: Seinfeld Edition'

I thought all those years of staying in on Friday night's and watching reruns of 1970s episodes of Dr. Who would never pay off. And boy, was I right! Unless you count my ability to now pwn every unsuspecting fanboy this side of the internet in our brand new game show Stump My Nerd!

Hosted by Leilani Dowding, Egotastic's very own super-hot Pat Sajak, Stump My Nerd pits my Great Pit of Carkoon-depth of film and television trivia knowledge against that of reader's like you. Well, not exactly like you, otherwise I would have already beaten you, as up until now I've been undefeated. But that could all change with today's episode when Matt and Dan, two formidable contestants, will try to topple me from my stately Vandelay Industry-manufactured throne of Seinfeld factoids. Do they have what it takes to usurp my title and stump me? Am I just too good for defeat? Is this even something I should be bragging out? Find out the answers to those questions and more by watching the episode above. I look forward to seeing the rest of you in the Thunderdome soon!

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