Sarah Shahi Flashes Cleavage from The Chest at 'Bullet to the Head' Premiere

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We've missed Persian hottie Sarah Shahi since her L-Word days. Yes, she's moved on to some other silly shows, but it's just not the same, because we've really missed her sweet sweet body most of all, which, thankfully, she was giving a semi-decent taste of in New York for the Bullet to the Head premiere, the action flick starring Sylvester Stallone and a ton-load of HGH.

Sarah has delighted us many times over the years with her acting style, which we almost kind of actually paid attention to, even as we were leering her up and down, forward and back. Hey, human instinct is a very powerful force. I say this knowing you are ogling Sarah's boob peeks as we speak. Enjoy.

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