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Samsung Sodastream Refrigerator: Now You Can Freeze Your Stuff and Drink Your Soda, Too

Samsung has crammed a lot of stuff into their refrigerators for the past few years, from to-do apps and virtual grocery lists to ice makers and door alarms. Now they're trying to outdo even themselves in refrigerator ingenuity by integrating a soda-making machine right onto its doors.

Collaborating with portable soda machine maker Sodastream, Samsung has unveiled its newest fridge that'll let you fizz your favorite carbonated beverages, right from your refrigerator door. They don't come cheap at $3,900 but hey, where else can you find another fridge like?

The Samsung Sodastream refrigerator comes with the usual features, like LED lighting, a counter-height Flex Zone drawer, dual doors for the main compartment, and a bottom freezer. It also comes with an ice machine and integrates Samsung's Twin Cooling Plus technology.

If only they made booze-flavored syrup for the soda machine... Instant booze. Now that would be perfect.

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