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Rob Zombie Reminds You Why His Name is Zombie in the 'Lords of Salem' Trailer (VIDEO)

Rob Zombie chose his name for a reason. And it's not because he likes animated movies about talking Easter Bunnies. It's because he's got a thing for the macabre, ya know? Anyone who saw House of 1000 Corpses or The Devils Rejects know that when you see a Rob Zombie movie, you're in for a lot of blood, fast-cutting and overall mayhem. And that's also exactly what you get in the trailer for his new horror flick The Lords of Salem, starring his wife (surprise, surprise) Sheri Moon Zombie, sporting some fierce dreadlocks while battling some fierce Salem witches in her creepy apartment.

I think one day Rob Zombie's Halloween movies will take on the same cult status as the original and be appreciated more than they were at the theaters. I give him credit for not just busting our torture porn drech and adding some sense of style to his horror movies. That said, horror film trailers can often be deceiving and misleading, so I walk into any theater with some trepidation. But hey, ya never know.

The Lords of Salem opens April 19th.

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