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Relive Your Favorite 'Die Hard' Memories in the 'Walk Down Memory McClane' Montage (VIDEO)

You'd think that simply by looking at fan reaction of Live Free or Die Hard , the filmmakers involved in the newest edition of the franchise would maybe do some hard thinking and try to come up with a film that harkens back to the John McClane we all love. Die Hard with a Vengeance was, in my opinion, the perfect blend of the snarky, one-lining 80s action hero of the original with a modern, grittier sensibility. But what was important was that the ‘every-day beat cop stuck way in over-his-head' mentality that ran McClane as a character was always present on the screen. He wasn't an action hero like Stallone or Schwarzenegger. He was your average joe who happened to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time…a lot.

I still can't tell which way the wind will blow on A Good Day toDie Hard but something tells me I shouldn't get my hopes. However, in preparation for next week's release, Fox has released this nifty ‘Walk Down Memory McClane' montage, capturing some of the best moments from the entire franchise. And it should tell you something that there's very little from the fourth installment in here.

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