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Oh No They Didn't!--Why Hair Brush for Bald Men Is a Stupid Idea

Gee, I wonder why hair brush created especially for bald men is a stupid idea. Maybe because they don't have hair and therefore, there's nothing to brush, except dust and bits of lint from the shirt they're wearing today?

Crazy ideas hit people fairly regularly, but it's only the crazy ones who actually think they're good. In 1950, engineer of the Los Angeles Brush Manufacturing Corp., Ted Spence, demonstrated how to use the company's brand-new 'Hairline Brush', which was a felt-and-bristle laden tool that was geared to polish a person's bald crown and tuck his wiry sideburns into place.

Suffice to say that it was a major fail.

Almost six decades later, people are once again embracing the idea that brushes or 'combs' are needed for bald people--but this time, as more of a novelty than a legitimate product. Eventually, the 'Brush Hair for Bald Men' came to fruition, which is basically a handle with a patch of rectangular felt to give that hairless noggin a good polishing--er, brushing. Not everyone has a sense of humor, so beware which baldie you give this as a present to.

Get It: $9.95

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