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Nicole Trunfio Goes Swimsuit and Lingerie Perty for Palmers, We Go to a Happy Place

Pretty tame stuff, but when it comes to Aussie hottie model and occasional thespianic, Nicole Trunfio, we do so love her body of work, err, her body and how it works.

Featured in the latest Palmers Swimsuit and Lingerie catalog for Spring/Summer 2013, the lean brunette hottie lends her particular talents to an old school style classy showoff shoot. And while old school and classy are two words that have never been used to define our tastes in the past, we think maybe we're growing up a bit as we learn to appreciate some of the classic beauty styles. While still imagining Nicole completely buck nekkid save for lime green Jell-O shots precariously perched upon some more intimate stations of her body that she challenges us to consume in 60 seconds or less, naturally.

So, yeah, not so classy. But Nicole makes us think naughty thoughts. We are the victims. Enjoy.

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