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Murdered: Soul Suspect Begins the Mystery of Your Death Now (VIDEO)

There's not much to discuss about the recently revealed Murdered: Soul Suspect yet other than the fact that this console game (PS3 and X360, apparently) tasks you with solving your own murder. I'm usually driven batty by circular logic like that, however, I'm all for making an exception in this case. Just because somebody's dead doesn't meant they can't still affect the world of the living. I've watched Jennifer Love Hewitt's tatas on Ghost Whisperer enough times that I'm comfortable with the concept. The challenge with this Square Enix-published game is that they're not using JLH timeless perkiness to hold my attention. They're going to have to do with quality game design, fun and variety. A good mystery game that looks like a movie will be welcomed with open arms if Murdered: Soul Suspect can become a decent project. Check the video and see if you can figure out what the weird glyph is supposed to be. Glyph. It's a word.

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