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Miranda Kerr Wedding Night Lingerie Photos Might Just Make You Want to Get Married (Be Forewarned!)

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Now, I'm told, there's nothing better than wedding night and honeymoon sex. But then I remind the people that tell me that, and, yes, then what comes next?

But, none of my cynical predictions for marital boot knocking qualitative and quantitative deficiencies will likely deter the unwed among you from considering betrothal, not after seeing Miranda Kerr in her wedding lingerie pictorial from Victoria's Secret. Oh, man, even my own bachelor self has to consider the ramifications of wedding night, err, ramifications with the new mrs, upon seeing the hotness in white that is Miranda Kerr.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, I've changed my mind, each and every one of you should leap into marriage, if, you know, you're marrying Miranda Kerr. It certainly worked for Orlando Bloom. Enjoy.

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