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Miranda Kerr Bare Cheeky and Sextastic For Purple Fashion

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Whoa, Miranda, how have you managed to make such a kitschy girls fashion magazine into another tribute to your uber-hotness?

Well, with the help of the naughty mind of Terry Richardson, Miranda Kerr has managed to pull off yet one more women's magazine pictorials that every man on this planet must review with his gaze, as the Aussie wonder flashes bare bottom and stretches out in some must-see poses for Purple Fashion magazine.

And, while we're at Miranda loving, how about the sextastic Miranda delivered at yet another event for women that quickly became must-ogle for folks of the masculine breed, in a tight top at a David Jones fashion event over the weekend:

Is there anywhere Miranda Kerr can go or anything she can do that isn't downright lust inducing? I say 'nay'. Now, it's about time to dump the foppish hubby. Enjoy

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