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Miranda Kerr and Behati Prinsloo Could Sell Water to a Drowning Man

It's really not fair to have the likes, and looks, of Miranda Kerrand Behati Prinsloo selling anything to the common helpless man, let alone little bits of silken undergarments.

When two of the finest looking ladies in the world get to hawking their wares, it's not Buyer Beware so much as Boner Brain, and men are just apt to hand over whatever is available cash wise in their wallets and or the PIN numbers to their bank cards.

The sweet hot Miranda and Behait were in N.Y.C. pimping for yet another new line of Victoria's Secret lingerie, where they come up with these new names every few months I really don't know, or how they can convince people that their 19th bra of the decade has finally perfected the tit-covering wardrobe item. Either way, they could call it the Craptastic Collection and I'd still hand over my measly paycheck if either Miranda or Behati asked me with a smile, let alone both of them asking together with a bodily twist and preen. Enjoy.

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