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Miley Cyrus Sideboob and Ashanti Sideboob Say Hello To One Another at Clive Davis Grammy Party

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Things went a little smoother at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party this year as opposed to last, in which Whitney Houston ate a turkey sandwich, jet packed herself to the moon, and then crashed in the bathtub. No major scandals or controversies this go-round. When girl hitter Chris Brown crashing his Porsche is the biggest gossip bit, you know it's a quiet night. But that doesn't mean a night without sights.

A couple (or four I suppose) of which were provided by Miley Cyrus and Ashanti, both of whom wore sideboob revealing dresses to the swank pre-Grammy affair. Now, Lucky '13 seems to be shaping up to be the year of the sideboob, as fashion designers seem hell bent on moving boob-views from the front to the side, I guess they do have to shake things up every year to keep selling new merch. And we're good with that, because we measure by hotness and square inches when it comes to fun bag reveals in public, the more the merrier. Enjoy.

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