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Memes I'd Like to F*ck: Memes Get Down and Dirty in Bangin' New P0rn Web Series (VIDEO)

Memes. A lot of them are funny, some are downright annoying, but one thing they all have in common is the fact that they all went viral. I think it's safe to say that there isn't a meme out there that you would actually want to screw--until now, that is, because who else should enter the picture but WoodRocket?

You might remember them as the guys who released SpongeBob SquareNuts, which was a horrible porn parody that sucked in every sense of the word. But hey, if they managed to turn that annoying yellow sponge into a porn-worthy subject, then I guess you can trust them to do the same with even the most innocent of memes in their new web series called 'Memes I'd Like to F*ck.'

First up is 'Surprised Kitty.' The original meme is a GIF of a kitten being tickled, but the XXX version of that meme features Veruca James getting tickled with her funbags bouncing jovially as she writhes with glee. The one in player above is the NSFW version, in case you're watching videos where you shouldn't be watching them (read: the office.)

Check out the NSFW version here. It's loads of bouncy fun, I promise you!

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